About Us !

ARR Industrial Services Pvt. Ltd, with a complete technical professionals team is engaged in providing heat removal devices, Services for installed devices & their accessories for removing waste heat from processed hot working fluid for industries like Petroleum, Power, Food, Pharma, FMCG, HVAC etc. We have been regularly meeting the diverse needs of esteemed clients for their requirement of Processed heat removal from working fluid by using Natural, Mechanical & Fan Assisted natural draft.
Our machines are well equipped with latest technology to improve the efficiency of all types of cooling towers, which can reduce the cooling time with low running cost.

We are Specialized in all types of Cooling Towers, Services & accessories !

  • Infrastructure !
    We are well-equipped with separate team for R&D, Sales & Services to analyse our clients' current process and suggest our best equipment accordingly. We are a single roof to get all useful industrial equipments and heat removal equipments(Cooling Towers). We chose the place Faridabad to be connected easily with our prospect clients & vendors and to deliver best quality product with best services and supports all the time.
  • Market Segment !
    ARR Industrial Services Pvt. Ltd. Provides all heat removal system for processed fluid in sectors like:
      Gas Based Power Plants,Thermal Power Plants, Nuclear Power Plants, DG Power Plants, Fertilizer Plants, Petrochemical Plants, Oil Refineries, Steel Plants, Cement Plants, Chemical Plants, Synthetic Polyester Plants, Solvent Extraction Plants, Vanaspati Plants, Paper Industry, Sugar plants, Pharmaceutical Plants, Tyre Plants, Dairies, Breweries, Distilleries, Oxygen Plants
  • Our Mission !
    We want to be a single roof for any industry to supply our best services and equipments with continuous up-gradation of latest technology seeing the diverse need of clients and experience. Our moto is to establish a healthy mutual beneficial relation which should never have any loss of trust. We work on referral basis, i.e. after getting any of our services or equipments they refer us to other industries.
  • Future Vision !
    Our Mission is to provide free electricity to all in a power hungry nation like India by providing individuals' and groups' own power plants and energy saving devices.
  • Quality Policy !
    Quality is the standard which rate the Equipments & services f any organization and we ensure the quality of every product before supplying and rechecking the efficiency as per our clients' application we send it to client and after every supply of equipment & service we discuss with our clients for any future implementation to be considered in next supply. In a single line, we can say that we ensure 100% quality for any of our services and supplies.

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Phase - I, Faridabad (Haryana)
Email : arrindustrials@gmail.com
Phone : +91-129-2250561/4050361
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